Compass and map practice Jan 22 Had a great laugh today orienteering on the lamington hills. Great skills to practice while we had views and good weather. Helpful to have a maths teacher for the distance calculations too, which were spot on. Big thanks to Chris for imparting his considerable knowledge in bite size easy pieces. – CS

where to purchase Aurogra oral cheap Had a fun-day today doing a bit of practising of compass and map work. The emphasis was on taking bearings with the compass, counting our steps over a known distances but on different slope angles and estimating times to certain points. Its always harder when there a chilly breeze and you end up fumbling maps. compass, gloves, jacket hoods etc. Good to practise this before it’s needed in earnest! I think we all learnt something and I enjoyed the company. Happy to do it again. About 2/3rds walking and 1/3 running – CH