Tinto and the temperature inversion

can you buy Lyrica over the counter Exceptional morning run today. Started at a very chilly damp car park below Tinto, but all the right signs for a temperature inversion and the chance to get above the clouds. Sure enough, about a third of the way up, blue sky above us and lots of sunshine. Just a privilege to be out. Appreciated the company of Shiv, Alice and Cassie and arrived back at the cars thoroughly refreshed. Even introduced S and A to the Turfgame.com – Chris

Kenya What a gorgeous Sunday morning to be up Tinto with friends! Stirring in bed this morning, the darkness outside did not look inviting but Cassie was looking in that doggy-impatient way as if to say, ‘come on, you’ll love it once we get out!’, and she was right! The views were spectacular. Even Cassie seemed impressed, stopping to sniff the air more than once – though her favourite bit was stopping to roll in the heather on the way down!’ Shiv

It was a cold and damp morning but as we climbed we soon broke through the clouds. Chris predicted an inversion and he was right. The views were amazing and we could see for miles. We stopped at the top for a rest and to soak up some winter sun before heading back down. Thanks for the company Chris and Shiv (and Cassie). It was a great start a Sunday – Alice