Shale Trail Race

accutane purchase online uk The West Lothian Shale Trail is a 25k way marked route from West Calder to Winchburgh. This route has been developed by the Shale Trail project: .

Thanks to organisers Lothian Running Club the route has been made into a 25KM, 50KM Ultra and Relay races.

Here is a report from the Tinto Hill Runners who took part in the relay in December 2021!

‘It was great to be back racing again at the weekend, and even better to be there as part of a relay team, which always makes it more of a day out for me. I had elected to run leg 1 for ‘Team Totherin’ (the other relay team being ‘Scaut’, both named by Chris after outlying hills of Tinto). The small bunch of relay runners gathered at the start and off we went. I felt like I had gone out a bit fast, trying to make sure it looked like I was working hard enough for the team, but when I passed Kenny Reid after a mile or so he told me I should have caught him sooner and I was accused of slacking! The way was well marked, handy because I hadn’t reccied it at all, and was on very pleasant paths, despite the first official shale trail post having the motivational phrase ‘Squalor and hardship’ carved on it! I passed a group of fancy dress participants, made up as Christmas trees, and soon enough was handing over the baton to David Wilson, with the team well placed in the lead…’ Alistair  

‘Today I was number 2 in the Totherin team for the Shale Trail relay.  After some logistical masterminding on the logistics I arrived at the Livingston Civic Centre to run the 2nd leg to Uphall station.  I had really no idea of what sort of running to expect, and was pleasantly surprised.  Alistair C arrived at high pace and caught me slightly unprepared having run a great leg from West Calder.  For a moment I thought I could keep up that sort of pace but after a mile or so settled back into a pace I felt I could maintain to the end.  It was a nice change to be overtaking those running the full race length, but did have to give reassurance that I wasn’t doing the full distance!  And before I knew I arrived to pass the baton to Ali S having managed to maintain the lead that Alastair C had built from leg 1.  We then jumped in the car to get to the finish, just time to see Gergely finish an impressive 50k, Ali S to win the relay, and then Clare for the Scaut relay team, and Kenny who had run the full 25k.  Thanks to all – a great morning out. ‘ David

‘I ran the 3rd leg of the Shale Trail relay, it was 8km from Uphall Station to Winchburgh. When I arrived no-one else was there at the station, so I thought I had got the wrong place initially. Apparently there were only 5 relay teams, the rest of the runners were the ultra runners doing the whole route. We were lucky with the weather, it was mild and dry, none of the recent coldnesses or storms. I enjoyed the run through the woods by Broxburn and down along the canal through the bings. There were so many birds along the route including fieldfares and a kestrel. Its amazing to see such wildlife while running along such a historic industrial route.The route was very flat but interesting, the only hill was at the end which must have been a killer for the ultras!. It was great to be greeted by the team at the end, a good team day out.’ Clare